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Shortstown Architecture

Arches Curves and Circles........

Central Ave windowsSM
Circular windowSM

If anyone takes the time to look closely at the original houses built by Shorts they will be pleasantly surprised at the high standard of workmanship and attention to detail shown in the design and brickwork. Overall the village was intended to be developed on a larger scale into a 'Garden Village' but as the Airship programme floundered the original plans were forgotten. However over 90 years later we can still appreciate these little hidden gems which fortunatley later developers have incorporated in some of the new homes in Shortstown. Bellway have used the same style of arches above the windows for the new Air Cadet building paying homage to a traditional village feature.

1 Central Ave detailSM
Arched windowsSM
The Crescent housesSM

The curved design of the layout of the houses in The Crescent is very attractive as are the arches at the front of each house. The side windows of these houses also have arched casings which look very elegant.

The detail in the brickwork of the arches above the upper windows in this house in Central Avenue is really quite intricate and this pattern can be seen in many homes in the original streets of Shortstown. Taken from the same property is a picture of a circular window at the side of this house - the houses are now over 95 years old but the features still look good.

Many of these features have been incorporated in the houses built around 2003/4 and in the new parts of Shortstown. Some houses in Shorts Avenue for example have circular windows whilst others have arched brickwork over their upper windows.
Is there anyone out there that can tell us anything about the style of these buildings? It is believed that they were designed by a Newcastle Architect named Mr J T Clackett. It is recorded that the Short brothers insisted on the best quality materials and layouts to be adopted for their workers houses in spite of the shortage of materials due to the war.

These images are shown here with the kind permission of the homeowners

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