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Shortstown Heritage

The R34 Airship

R34 Crewmembers


Shown left is the officer and crew list printed in The Flight magazine detailing those on board the R34 on the ground breaking flight to America. Thirty men are listed and it is known that there was also a stowaway on board - William Ballantyne, a crew member not originally selected for the flight.


 (Photo copyright Illustrated London News/Mary Evans)

R34 crew in Mineola New York on 7th July 1919

Shown here with the kind permission of the US Naval Historical Center this photograph shows some of the officers of the R34.

The caption reads "Officers who had crossed the Atlantic aboard the R-34, photographed following her arrival at Mineola, New York, on 7 July 1919. They are identified as (from left to right): Lieutenant Commander Zachary Lansdowne, USN, Observer; Lieutenant Wallace Durant, RAF, Wireless Officer (apparently wearing a U.S. Navy uniform); Lieutenant Guy N. Harris, RAF, Meteorlogical Officer; Major J.F.M. Pritchard, RAF; Brigadier General E.M. Maitland, CGM, DWO, British Air Ministry; Lieutenant H.F. Luck, RN, Second Officer; and Lieutanant J.D. Shotter, RN, Engineer Chief."

Sadly Major J F M Pritchard and Brigadier General Maitland were to lose their lives in the R38 airship crash in 1921 and Lieutenant Commander Zachary Landsdown was killed in the USS Shenandoah airship crash in Sept 1925.

R34 Gent

Flight Sgt William Rose Gent

LAC G Graham & Whopsie R34

LAC G Graham

R34 Browdie

LAC Frank P Browdie

LAC Frank Browdie was a Rigger on the R34 and was later a member of the R38 crew. He was fortunately not on board that airship when it crashed claiming 44 lives and went on to be attached to the R101 team. Electoral registers show that he lived in Shortstown from 1930 - 1939 but it is quite possible that he lived here earlier as many of the R38 were billetted in Shortstown.

LAC G Graham was an Engineer on the R34.

Aircraftman 2nd Class Roy Parker was a Rigger on the R34 but sadly was to lose his life in the R38 crash in August 1921.

Corpl J H Gray Engineer on the R34
Powell R34
R34 advert on web

An advert from The Sunbeam Motor Car Co who supplied the engines for the R34.

Corpl J H Gray Engineer on the R34.

Corpl H R Powell W/T operator on the R34.


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