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Shortstown Heritage

August 2016 Updates

Thanks to a fantastic grant from the Wixamtree Trust of £1,000 and other fundraising efforts our Village Gateway appeal now stands at £2,471
Follow our progress in the Gateway section. Our grateful thanks to the Trust.

Aug 6th - The Airlander has finally come out to play!
At 4am this morning The Airlander left shed no 1 and is now parked at the back of the sheds. This has been widely reported on the national news and radio.

Aug 8th - thanks to Alan Kenny we have some fantastic photos of the Airlander - find these on the Airlander page in the Topic section.

Aug 17 - the Airlander has flown for the first time this evening. As tradition dictates it circled around Shortstown and we came out to welcome it! See the Airlander page for photos taken by Jean Garrett and Sarah Holland from Shortstown. Thank you to both ladies.

Final centenary copy LT

Shortstown will be celebrating its centenary year in 2017 plans are already taking place to make this a very special year.


Emblem of the Royal Airship Works


The R101 Airship - many of the crew and design staff lived in Shortstown.

PF Men opening shed doors

Opening the doors of one of the sheds 1930's

Absolute final sheds Jan 2016

The two giant sheds in Jan 2016 - shed no 1 (left) now fully restored.

RAF Cardington1

RAF Cardington played a huge role in our history. The knowledge and experience gained through the airship years was not lost and research continued in balloon development. In 1936 the site became RAF Cardington.
For more about RAF Cardington visit the RAF section in this website for background information or visit our sister site www.rafcardingtoncamp.co.uk for more in-depth research.

Liz Walker Shorts Avenue Nov 2015 (2)

Liz Walker a great great niece of the Short Brothers visits Shortstown in Nov 2015.

Eustace Short
Hugh Oswald LW

Founders of Shortstown - Eustace (left) and Oswald Short

Shor thing 2

The Shorts Building restored to its former glory in 2011

Potter Meadows

Left is Sgt Walter Potter a survivor of the R38 airship crash who lived in Shortstown. Walter lost his life in the R101 crash. In June 2015 Potter Meadows in Shortstown was named in his honour.

Potter 2

Sgt Walter Potter